Goddess Portrait
Goddess Photography

"Beauty begins in the eyes of the beholder, and is at times buried, unseen. Being with Yamini in nature is magical - she has a way of capturing the deepest beauty within the souls of women that is ripe to emerge and be seen. I experienced my true self having the freedom to BE, fully expressed and joyous with Mother Earth as witness to beckon me beyond self-imposed workaday constraints. I encourage every woman who is willing to be a vehicle for planetary healing to allow this emergence to birth through the medium of Yamini's lens, whether it be alone or amongst a circle of soul sisters. A sense of creating a welcoming field for divine diety to show up will open for you in brand new ways. The less the expectation, the wider the invitation.ation." - Lori-Ariel


Goddess Photography

"Yamini's goddess portraits are an incredibly beautiful manifestation of the feminine. I was initially hesitant to participate in the shoot, since I don't like most photographs taken of me. I also don't necessarily see myself as a goddess. If anything, I would call myself an earth woman. So, I was overjoyed and deeply touched when I saw the pictures that truly reflect feminine beauty and divine spirit. Yamini is a tremendously talented photographer and her latest project is a gift to womanhood that, I believe, all of us will cherish for a very long time.Thank you." -Talia



Your Inner Goddess

How fabulous are these (pictures)!!!! No fat arms anywhere! What did you do with them? These are simply the most beautiful photos of me I have ever had the great good fortune of having had taken. Just wonderful! Thank you, thank you!! Your work is just fabulous. What a fun blessing to see myself in this new way!" - Ava



Your being and your talents have blessed me in many ways....a reminder of the essence of the Divine Goddess Woman I truly am....what a gift you bring! You do amazing work! thanks for bringing this to women so they can truly see and feel the radiant Goddess they are and serve others from that place! - Lynn

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Goddess Portraits by Yamini
Portrait photographer specializing in female portraiture