Do you have a wildly passionate and playful Goddess inside you
that yearns to be unleashed, seen and acknowledged?

The portraits you have seen on the previous pages are women just like you who took a chance and allowed their Goddess to come out as they played, meditated or danced to the sounds of the wind in the trees or the crashing ocean waves on the shore. Age and negative self judgements were put aside and they were once again their most beautiful, youthful and graceful selves before the camera. Something magical happens when you put women in nature dressed in beautiful flowing gowns or semi-nude with yards of silk draped artistically over their body. There is a symbiotic relationship between women and nature that brings out their most expressive selves that cannot be replicated in a studio. For years women sought boudoir portraits with heavy makeup and dramatic hair styling and peek-a-boo clothing to prove to themselves and to their mates how beautiful they were. This is a more natural approach that captures your true essence and celebrates your Divine Feminine.

Sitting Fees: Please call for details

Your sitting includes 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours of photography depending on the number of people involved. A free consultation one week before the shoot is required in order to co-ordinate your wardrobe and determine the right location (beach or forest). We have dozens of beautiful Goddess gowns for you to choose from along with your own. For an additional cost you will receive a beautiful handmade journal/album from Bali to express your thoughts about being a Goddess prior to the shoot and 10 of your favorite 4x6 prints to put on the other pages after the shoot. This will be your Sacred Goddess Journal. You will be given the book and a set of questions to ponder at the time you make a deposit.

To schedule your free consultation call:

Goddess Portraits By Yamini
at (949) 295-5822
or email:

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