My perspective on Coronavirus and all its implications

Since this whole thing began for me in April when I had some of the symptoms (fever, headache, sore throat, cough) and took care of it immediately with 6,000 mgs of Vitamin C  and 10,000 of vitamin D and Zinc twice a day and all symptoms were gone in 2 days and have never returned. Bare in mind, I have had a few colds but not the flu in 50 years and have never had a flu shot and since it was in the news I assumed it was covid-19 because I am an Uber driver and in contact with many different people every day. This was before the lockdown and mandatory mask and glove apparel.

My father was a pediatrician and my grandfather a GP and I was raised with penicillin shots and Aureomycin every time I got the sniffles. I learned about natural health care in my early 30’s and became a vegetarian and an advocate for natural health care as opposed to sick care and prescription drugs so my dad and I locked horns constantly He knew nothing about nutrition and thought all chiropractors and naturopaths were quacks. Unfortunately both he and my mother died of too many prescribed drugs when they each had the genes to live 20 years longer.

I am now disease-free and drug free at the age of 81 and my tests have all come out normal for a 35 year old: just a little background to give context to my current rage at what’s taking place on our planet.

Here are some pertinent questions:

1. Why is this considered a pandemic with only 149,000 deaths in 6 months which is slightly higher than a normal flu season of 120,000 deaths? How many of you know of anyone who has died only of covid-19 and not had other health issues? I only know of one death recently but he had ongoing bouts of pneumonia (about 92 over his 72 year lifetime).  Also, it has been reported that doctors were encouraged to pronounce every death from heart disease or cancer or even a traffic accident to be covid-19 on the death certificate  if they were tested positive. (note: doctors received much more money for covid-19 related deaths -almost double). This has been reported by numerous doctors with a conscience. Hence, we should question the so called numbers.

2. Why has the mainstream media left out important natural treatments, cures and immune prevention methods that have proven effective in thousands of cases?

3. Why do they still insist we wear masks when t has been proven scientifically that masks don’t work to prevent contacting covid-19? Why don’t we hear about that on the media? Why aren’t there any debates about all this in the news?

4. Most importantly, why have  restaurants and small businesses been forced to close and go bankrupt while mega companies are allowed to be open such as Target, Costco, Home Depot, all drug companies and supermarkets? Why the double standard? Could money and power have anything to do with it?

Have you thought about these things and come to your own conclusions? I know it’s very confusing, not knowing what the truth is any more. I don’t know why reporters don’t investigate all the hospitals in their area for their covid data and report it instead of just reporting what the authorities say.. I may take this on myself with Marin Independent Journal and KQED for the whole Bay area. Anyone care to join me?

Well that’s my rant for the morning. I will be doing more “Fear of Dying” interviews next week. The Uber videos are suspended for the time being.

Blessings All,