A Confrontation with a neighbor

I had a shocking wake up call when trying to enlist a neighbor who I thought would be sympathetic to my stance against wearing a mask. Wrong. In fact she is all for it and for mandatory vaccines, especially in 3rd world countries who are polluting the world. She’s all for Gates eugenics program of de populating the world by 20%. I was dumbstruck and speechless. Did she know that I, being 81, was in that 20% category because according to Gates & co. I am an “eater” meaning I am a non-contributor to the planet taking up space and resources.

And really, is it the people of 3rd world countries polluting the world? Maybe she should consider all the powerful industries of oil, gasoline, coal, manufacturing, steel, plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cattle ranchers, multiple chicken and pig farms, builders and developers who de-forest the land, and all their lobbyists in Washington, and the politicians who are bought by them. Can I get a high five?

Sadly, we’re not on speaking terms any more. I don’t know if she really means it or was trying to shock me out of my having a conversation with her. But next time I meet someone like her, I’ll know what to say. If there is a next time. What’s really sad is there is no debate anywhere. There is no other side to the conversation because everything that is not mainstream is considered conspiracy or fake news and is censored, scrubbed, deleted and not even mentioned. I think it’s time to wake up and see the graffiti on the wall.