The Natural Goddess Book: $15.00

Welcome to the world of self-discovery as the Goddess that you are.

Imagine yourself dressed in long flowing gowns and beaded shawls while you dance barefooted in the sand at the ocean’s edge or meditating atop a boulder – or nestled in the arms of a giant tree or dancing with other goddesses beneath a canopy of trees. Imagine being captured on film while you spontaneously express your most sensuously feminine and powerful self.

Yamini’s mission is to let you be a witness to your true self as a Goddess through her photography so that you are forever impacted with the knowledge of your own unique beauty and grace.

Next Steps…

Yamini has access to several beautiful locations that offer a diverse choice of backdrops for your portrait. It has been suggested that you combine your sitting with girlfriends or female relatives for a more spontaneous and fun loving experience.

Yamini provides a free consultation prior to the scheduled shoot to select the perfect goddess clothing both from your closet and the studio’s. As an option, a videographer will film and put together a video of your shoot with music and poetry or a soundtrack of your own words. Contact Yamini.

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