Hello and Welcome!

I am Yamini Redewill, previously known as an actress, artist, costume designer, photographer and now as the Goddess Behind the Wheel as an Uber Driver and author of three books.

For the past 15 years, I used my photography as a means of empowering women to believe the best in themselves. Along with that, I produced 3 Festival of Goddesses in Laguna Beach, which gave them all the tools they could possibly want for feminine self-realization.

I drew upon my artistic and theatrical background to create works of art from women posing dramatically as goddesses in nature before my camera. I believe they were able to witness the Divine Feminine hiding within through my photography.

Now retired, I’ve taken up Uber driving and have discovered a wonderful new mission: to empower the men and women I serve, to see the best in themselves through loving and respectful communication and thereby tapping into my own self-love.

The theme of Self Love is predominant in all three of my books “The Natural Goddess – Portraits of True Beauty in Women Over 40” self-published in 2016; “The Joy of Uber Driving – A Wild Ride to Self Love” being released in June, 2019 by SheWrites Press and “A Wild Ride to Self Love With Osho” available as an e-book and paperback on Amazon.

The fact that I’m a 79 year old single woman relishing my new role as an Uber driver and finding self love, peace and happiness at this stage of my life may be an inspiration to other older single women. Also, the fact that I’m single now is not necessarily an unchangeable condition.

Interesting possibilities are miraculously showing up, so stay tuned. Let’s go on this wild ride together.

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