The Natural Goddess

The Natural Goddess – Portraits of True Beauty in Women over 40

The Natural Goddess…
Portraits of True Beauty in Women over 40



The Natural Goddess is just a small offering from the Divine Feminine to help women realize all the self-love, beauty, creativity and spirituality that lie dormant in their sub-conscious and what may be possible when a woman taps into her own inner goddess.

The Natural Goddess is a photo essay that focuses on women over forty, who have actualized their feminine power and beauty, and celebrate this awareness while communing in nature. Many famous Tv/movie personalities such as Diane Ladd, Connie Stevens, Marla Maples and Stefanie Powers are represented here along with world renowned authors such as Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Lynn Andrews, Terry Cole Whittaker, Arielle Ford and Kelly Sullivan Walden and many others.

There is more feminine wisdom and inspiration between these covers than you can imagine. BUY NOW