Welcome to a discussion around “The Fear of Dying”

Welcome to a discussion around “The Fear of Dying”

This is just one of many interviews I conducted with notable therapists, hospice caretakers, stage 4 cancer patients, some with Eastern religious beliefs and others from shamanic traditions, one who seriously intended to commit suicide and some who have had near death experiences.

In this time of a pandemic that seems to threaten the very existence of our species, what has been your feeling and attitude around the subject of death? Does it make you more acutely aware of the preciousness of each living moment? Has it caused you to re-evaluate your life circumstances? Or does it cause you to hide out in fear, not taking any chances and paranoid that the virus is in everything you touch and in every person who gets closer than 6 feet? Do you have many unanswered questions about death, the greatest mystery of life?

Well then you’ve come to the right place. So sit back and enjoy as you gather all the pearls of wisdom that will be spoken to touch your heart and awaken your beautiful mind.

A discussion on The Fear of Dying by Michel Joy DelRe, president of New Century Productions.
An introspective view of the Fear of Dying by Shera Sever, Founder/Director of Igniting The Spark.


Marin’s own galactic ambassador has weighed in on “The Fear of Dying’ in a truly galactic way.