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Most of my friends in Marin who thought they knew me were amazed and shocked to learn who I really am after reading my memoir “The Joy of Uber Driving – A Wild Ride to Self Love”. They thought I was just a retired photographer turned author toodling around as an Uber driver in Marin and San Francisco for extra income and dispensing the wisdom from my 80 years of living to my riders…

What they didn’t know was that as a young woman I was an aspiring actress who was a #Metoo victim in Hollywood. From there I became a social worker in L.A. and a celibate Buddhist for 13 years. After 5 years of social work I became a costume designer and wardrobe coordinator for TV and movies and then gave it all up when I was introduced to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka Osho) and joined his commune in India. I followed him back to the U.S. to help him build his Utopian city on 64,000 acres of land in Central Oregon. This outrageous political adventure in Oregon was accurately documented in  “Wild Wild Country” (Netflix).

When I started sharing my stories out loud I realized that because of these unique life experiences I have a treasure trove of topics for speaking.

The fact that I never married and am at peace and happy and look and act as young and vibrant at 80 as I did at 50, inspires people struggling with being single over 50 or just facing growing old.

Going from celibacy to tantric sex in the commune in India and then dedicating myself to Bhagwan’s Utopian dream in Oregon offered me the opportunity to grow and transform my life from victimhood to self-awareness and the beginning of true self-love.

Speaking topics include: 
1. My Experience with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in “Wild Wild Country” (Netflix)

• Philosophy, Religion, or Cult? What’s the difference?
• Politics vs. Spirituality or Fear vs. Love.
• Why 93 Rolls Royces vs. Why not? Spirituality and Material wealth.
• Communal living: The Dream and why it didn’t work in 1985 in Oregon.
• Bhagwan’s creed: “Don’t look at my finger pointing to the moon, look at the moon.” and other quotes.

2. The “Sovereign Woman” and dispelling the “Old Maid” myth – A happy, satisfying and fulfilling life is entirely possible as a single woman over 50

3. Going from #Metoo victimhood to Self Love through forgiveness and self awareness

The theme of transformation and self-love is predominant in all three of my books:
The Natural Goddess – Portraits of True Beauty in Women Over 40
The Joy of Uber Driving – A Wild Ride to Self Love
A Wild Ride to Self Love With Osho

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